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Van Leasing

Van contract hire leasing from Big Buddy is a form of van leasing that includes a full vehicle maintenance package as well as use of the vehicle itself.

It is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland because of the many benefits it brings. For a fixed monthly payment, all vehicle running costs apart from insurance and fuel are covered. We even supply a replacement vehicle if your regular one is off the road for any reason.

Van contract hire leasing is ideal for companies and individuals who want to change their vehicle(s) every few years, without the administrative hassle of disposing of used ones. It is available on all vehicles we supply, for terms between two and five years.


Benefits Of Van Contract Hire Leasing

The benefits of van contract hire leasing include:

  • No large initial outlay. For example, instead of a company paying €75,000 to buy three new vans, they can have immediate use of the same three vans for just three small monthly payments.

  • Fit-out costs can be built into the contract hire lease. Instead of paying separately up front for refrigerationvan shelving, or coach building, these costs can also be built into the monthly payment plan.

  • None of the financial risk that vehicle or fleet ownership can bring. There is no depreciation to worry about. Similarly, the monthly payments also cover unexpected costs such as breakdown repair.

  • More tax efficient than vehicle or fleet ownership. Typically, all contract hire leasing costs can be offset against taxable income.

  • None of the administrative load of buying or selling vehicles. Just say what you need, and we’ll deliver it to you. Then simply hand it back when the contract hire lease term expires.

  • No servicing costs, tyre replacement costs, or even motor tax costs to pay. All are covered by the standard maintenance package.

  • Costs become fixed rather than variable. Budgeting becomes easier once you know what your vehicle(s) will cost to run each month. The only variables remaining are insurance and fuel costs.

  • Capital is not tied up in non income-earning assets. This is another accounting benefit which improves your balance sheet and therefore your company’s gearing ratio.

It’s easy to see all the benefits of a Van Contract Hire Plan, and why this option can make most sense for you. Call us today or use our contact form for more information.

Van Contract Hire Leasing Maintenance Package

A van contract hire leasing maintenance package covers all general running costs for one fixed monthly payment. You can contact our team at any time to arranging servicing or repairs. We will supply a replacement vehicle while your regular one is off-road, ensuring you never suffer any unwanted downtime.

The standard maintenance package includes:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance.

  • Regular servicing of vehicle(s).

  • Regular servicing of refrigeration unit(s), where applicable.

  • Breakdown repair.

  • Annual motor tax.

  • CVRT testing.

  • Tyre replacement.

  • Allowance for ordinary wear and tear.

  • Use of courtesy vehicle(s).


A van contract hire leasing agreement gives you overall peace of mind for vehicle or fleet management. Call us at +35319109930 or use our contact form for more on how van contract hire can work for you.

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